Car Wash, May 21

On Sunday, May 21, our SH Mission Trip team will be hosting a FREE Valet Car Wash at both of our morning worship services. It’s really easy…

  1. We will have cards to hand out to you as you park that morning, providing us with your vehicle information and your numbered spot (we will be numbering all of the parking spots that morning with sidewalk chalk). 
  2. Leave one portion of the card in your vehicle and bring the other one inside where you will find our volunteers at tables inside both the front and back doors. 
  3. Leave them your car keys and the other part of your card.
  4. Enjoy worship.
  5. Leave worship to a sparkling, clean car. 
  6. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday knowing you supported a really great cause. 

All proceeds from our Car Wash benefit our SH Mission Trip to Johnstown, PA this June. We are so grateful for all of your support and all of your prayers.