ALUCC Vaccination Survey

At our Church Council meeting on March 17, we will begin discussing a tentative date for re-opening the church for worship — and the protocols we will need to follow to ensure that when we re-open, we are doing so safely. Kim Rose has developed a survey I hope you will take; the information from this survey will help us know how many of our members have been vaccinated. This data will be useful as we make our decisions. If you share this email address with another person in your household, please note we would like each adult in the household to complete the survey: When the majority of eligible adults are vaccinated, our gatherings will be safer for all of us. I hope that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated! If you need help finding a vaccine or need help with transportation to procure your vaccine, please leave a message with the church office:; 440-933-3241.

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