Avon  Lake  U.C.C.  Youth  Ministries  exists  to  ENGAGE  youth  in  our community  with  opportunities  to  SERVE  God and  God’s  People,  SEEK God’s  will  for their  lives  and  CONNECT  them  with  others  who  have a desire  to learn  and GROW  in  faith,  all  in  a  supportive,  accepting environment.

A waypoint is defined as a chosen position on a chart or the coordinates of a specific location. In our spiritual lives we are traveling a course. That course can sometimes be smooth and it can sometimes be rough. Having a designated waypoint can provide us with clarity and direction and a vision. Our youth ministry programs are all designed around helping each and every teenager find their own waypoint by following Jesus, who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Our goal is to provide them with a solid understanding of their faith, Jesus’ ministry and how they can make this world a better place. We believe that a waypoint is a perfect representation of what we are striving to accomplish through all of our youth ministry programs.

Avon Lake UCC is a church located by a great lake. We have turned to the images of water, so prevalent in the Bible, for the décor in our sanctuary, and for the name of our Youth Center, the Buoy. “Waypoint” is a term that is used in sailing and other nautical pursuits. As we sail the sometimes rocky waters of life, our waypoint can help us stay on track.

Collectively we hope the Buoy and the Waypoint brand will help us to be even more clear about our goals and our intentions for reaching each and every teenager we encounter with Jesus’ incredible message of love, grace, inclusivity and hope. We hope that Waypoint will serve as a simple and clear way to articulate our purpose statement, noted above.