Summer Camp at Templed Hills

We invite you to join us this summer at Templed Hills Heartland Conference U.C.C. Summer Camp 2023. Register for one of our several camp opportunities and discover this incredible experience at our camp, Templed Hills. We will pay 1/2 the cost of camp for any church members who attend camp. This summer they will be offering a variety of camps for ALL ages. You are really never too young and definitely never too old to go to camp. If you don’t know…you need to know…camp is a must. It’s an experience unlike any other. It’s a week that will challenge you, stretch you, inspire you, motivate you and if you are like me and the thousands of others who have become camp lifers….it will change you forever…for the better. What makes camp so special? That’s a really hard question to answer. It’s hard because it,s so many things and so different to each person you ask. Don’t sit this out. Don’t pass this up. Don’t gloss this over as something not for your kid. You would be doing your child a complete disservice to not give camp a chance. Trust me. Below you will find all kinds of information regarding camp. There’s more to come as well. Stay tuned. Thanks for considering this incredibly special ministry.

Register for a 2023 Heartland Conference U.C.C. Summer Camp HERE 
Summer Camp FAQs (COMING SOON)  
Camp Descriptions (COMING SOON) 
ALUCC Summer Camp Incentive Fund Form (COMING SOON)
The Value of Camp  

SUMMER CAMP INCENTIVE FUND: (This form should be completed AFTER you register for camp at the Conference website. This form allows the opportunity for each camper to choose to use our camp incentive fund or not.) Summer Camp has been a large part of the DNA of our church for a very long time. It is an invaluable experience that we hope all of you will consider taking advantage of. Our church will be offering our camp incentive fund again this year. This fund is available for all church member families and will pay 1/2 the cost for anyone who wants to go to camp this summer. In order to take advantage of this fund, you MUST complete the ALUCC Summer Camp Incentive Fund Form.  This DOES NOT officially register you for camp. This is only an internal form we use at our church to track who is going to camp from our church.

BUNKS & BUNKERS GOLF OUTING: This fall we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Bunks & Bunkers Open. Join us for this 4-person scramble to benefit our summer camp incentive fund. Date and location coming soon! 

MY FIRST TIME AT CAMP: We need your help! We are looking for photos of students both past and present from their very first year at camp. I don’t care if you went to camp 40 years ago or just recently started. Dig out a photo from your very first summer at camp and we will showcase them on our new display in the Buoy. We are creating a permanent display in the Buoy to recognize our church’s long standing relationship and commitment to our camping ministry. For many of our young people camp was an incredibly formative part of their faith formation. I appreciate all of your help in creating this display. If you are interested in participating, please send your name, photo and year it was taken to